Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Read This Before You Purchase Anything From RetailBunny.com

I ordered Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 from RetailBunny.Com

    Order Date :    24th  February  2014
Delivery Date :  11th   March  2014 

They kept telling me they shipped the product on 28th Feb but everything was lies. They are selling duplicate products and they don't have stock with them but display on their website for low rate and collect money from customers and keep it with them for 20 days and they make money/interest with that and then sell their customers fake products. 

They Blocked my multiple number and never responded to emails and facebook messages. After tons of calls and mails.. Being an online marketing executive, I said them I am going to post their fraudulent activities on all Indian forums and consumer complaints website. Finally they asked me 1 more business day time ( 8th March 2014 ) and dispatched the product on 9th March 2013. 

I received my product on 11th March 2013, to my shocking I found following things with mobile, 

1. Mobile was unpacked and kept as it in the box. 

2. Mobile was not sealed as someone already opened it ( Image Below )

3. I ordered White and they sent me black as black is less cost than white. ( When asked their customer care executive, he said "its not their lookout to see colors as color is retail bunny choice and not their customers")

4. They sent me the used mobile. I see someone made a call in the mobile call list. ( When traced this number it was the number of Prashant Bharadwaj's relative ). I called that number and confirmed it. 

Proof of the call list in new mobile

We contact them through facebook chat.. no reply.. then mails.. no reply even from their boss Prashanth and the customer care guy blocked my numbers and I am unable to reach them. Hence I have enough of cool proofs to show www.retailbunny.com is an fraud site. 


  1. Dear All The allegation made by this person are not correct also we have made a FIR against this person we sincerly request the viewer at their own discreation

    ADV Sachin Sharma

    1. You people still have the audacity to point out what is correct and what's not? A victim of your fraudulent actions, I'm going to lodge an FIR aginst you people and have already initiated procedure in the consumer forum.

    2. Yes Prachi. Retailbunny is a theif. They loot the hard earned money from people. I also lost Rs 18,000(Eighteen thousand rupees). I ordered Blackberry Z10 on March 5-2014. I haven't got the money/refund yet.

  2. Can you please show the FIR complaint as a Proof of your comment.
    #readers - they never said any truth till date.